10 Expert Handyman Tasks in Dubai for the Average Homeowner

A basic guide to home maintenance Services and repair in Dubai
October 7, 2017
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October 11, 2017
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10 Expert Handyman Tasks in Dubai for the Average Homeowner



A handful of routine handyman tasks every homeowner can handle with ease!


The Expert Handyman Dubai reminds all DIY enthusiasts that most properties have a list of maintenance tasks that require professional tradesman help. As a responsible homeowner or tenant your need to be both clever and handy in order to make your home and garden as safe and as welcoming as possible.


# 1 Check all electrical detectors at hand!




Always keep smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in proper working order. Perform a regular electricians check just so you are certain they’re as reliable as you need them to be! Electrical faulty is the number one reason for detectors failing, when they are not spupposed to.


# 2 Inspect, monitor, maintenance and AC repair before it’s too late!




If you want your home to be as cosier as possible, make sure your AC filters are properly cleaned at all time. If have to, be a really handy man and replace those, because AC’s should be in top-notch condition all throughout the  seasons.


  • A clever handyman electrician will dismantle and clean all filters before using the air conditioner in the first place. Poorly maintained filters will increase the entire unit’s energy consumption while greatly affect the quality of air. It is recommended to maintenance those twice a month or consider professional handyman services for in-depth technical maintenance especially when using central air-conditioning systems. Clogged filters will eventually cause some sort of electrical failure. Such repairs require specialized AC electricians.


  • Don’t rely on air conditioning alone to keep your home cool in the summer. A ceiling fan is among the best ways to cut energy costs all year round. Fan installation is among the easiest DIY handyman projects . Make sure you clean all ceiling and other fans regularly with a damp rag. Use a ceiling-fan duster for all hard-to-reach blades on high positioned ceiling fans. Being tidy is a virtue.


# 3 Dry clothes the handy men way!




An outdoor clothesline lined with crisp linen is not only a pleasure to look at, but it’s also an energy-saving alternative to loading a dryer. Clearly it is not among the handiest of solutions during the winter, but hanging a clothesline is a mandatory improvement for the tradesman home.


# 4 Inspect and clean all outdoor cookers!




Your BBQ and grill should be the stars of most garden parties and al fresco dinners. Be an enthusiastic DIY handy man, and make sure they’re clean and hygienic so you can enjoy a healthy succulent meal:


  • To clean a gas grill, set a high temperature and let the grill cook with the lid closed for about half an hour. When it cools down, use a grill brush to scrub all charred food particles. Polish the exterior with a damp soft sponge and a gentle non-abrasive cleanser. Scrub the grill’s drip pans by hand, till it shine as if brand new.


  • If you have a charcoal grill, remove all charcoal and wipe out any ashy residue. Scrub the exterior and interior with a chemical-free detergent and a sponge, Rinse with hot water and allow it to dry completely before using it again.


# 5 Decking is always in need of handy man love!




  • Maintenancing your porch regularly from leaves and debris prevents mould and structural damage. Use a brush and clean dust and pine needles from spaces between floorboards. If left over, time, sun and rain will eventually cause wood damage and then you’ll end up in need of professional handyman services or even a skillful carpenter at least.


  • Remove all moss and algae with a knife and brush along with accumulated leaves and debris off the decking. Prepare the proper cleaning solution, along with a brush and rinse with water.
    NB: Allow at least two days for decking to dry before you apply any protective coat.


  • Look over your deck for signs of rotting and hammer in any nails that are poking up. Determine if your deck needs professional handyman sealing. Sprinkle water over the deck’s boards. If the water beads up, you’re in good shape; but if it soaks right in, it’s time to reseal that sucker.


# 6 Windows always require summer maintenance or repair!




If for some reason you missed regular maintenance of windows during your spring cleaning – do not worry. You have an entire summer to tackle this chore. Domestic repairs and minor renovations can be really simple.


  • Inspect hinges. A stiff and dusty hinge will eventually stop working properly.
  • Check coating. If damage was inflicted corrosion will start.
  • Wipe the glass on a regular basis. Otherwise dirt might build up, which if exposed to sunlight might become a nightmare to remove.


# 7 The handy homeowner always cares about plants!




Add mulch to flower beds and plants to help them stay moist and healthy during all hot months. Mulching suppresses weeds and conserves moisture. When spread around trees and shrubs, it also prevents injury from mowers and trimmers.


# 8 Primp your plants!


Ensure the growth and lavish bloom of both perennials and annuals by dead-heading those. Remove spring bulbs with visible dead foliage. If the flower’s leaves are still green, don’t pull them out – the dead leaves will act as mulch to the bulb.


# 9 The clever handyman always checks for leaks!




With all the watering that happens in summer time, it surely does toll on your water bill. The last you need are leaking taps and hoses wasting even more water. Be a clever and handy man and do your own handyman services. Check and fix all leaking outdoor faucets, before it happens.


# 10 Plan your watering schedule.




For all your established plants, make a watering schedule to allow water to reach deep to the base of the roots. Water deeply a couple times a week, instead of watering lightly daily.


Follow these simple tips and carry handyman services on your own! Ensure your home gets the comfort and love it deserves!


Written by: Bilal Ahmed

Expert Handyman Dubai

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